Fake Geek Boiz Ep. 13: Shrek Skwad Sing-a-long

Shocked and horrified by the fact that "Suicide Squad" might be as bad as the casting, set photos, trailers, overall buzz and membership in the DCEU might indicate, the Boiz are left with but one choice: break down all the catastrophes befalling David Ayer and his skwad, all within the comforts and confines of the Danktum Danktorum. In fact, the dankness of this particular Danktum reminds a certain ogre of a swamp...and he pays the FGB a li'l visit before they wrap up with their takes on "Animosity #1," "Faith #1," and "SNOTGIRL #1!"

Remember that you can start a GoFundMe for the Boiz to see "Suicide Squad!" They're low-ballin' ya at only $200!

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